Wednesday, November 12, 2008


One of Josephine's newest activities is Gymnastics. She loves it much more then I do. It's a lot of work for me, but she gets a lot out of it, and ends up taking a very long nap afterwords.
Warming up.

Running around on the floor. Unfortunately, on this day, there were only 2 kids in the class.

Playing on the bars, which is Josephine's favorite activity.

Walking the beam, Josephine's other favorite activity.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


4 years ago, (and I still hold a grudge about it!) I was mandated to attend a meeting for work, on election night. I told my supervisor that there was no way I was going to a meeting on election day, at 7 pm when a majority of the polls were closing. My supervisor said, "it's election day, oh, well you will still have time to vote." That wasn't my point, and I let him know how important it was for me to know who the winners of the election were. I wanted to be in the thick of it rallying for my party, and my candidates. I wanted to feel the tears of hope, and the fear of defeat. In the end, I didn't get out of the meeting.
Little did I know, that the Governors race in Washington would not be decided that evening, but was decided in the following weeks, after 3 recounts (which Rossi lost on the third count, he won the first two).
I hope everyone has exercised their vote, for the candidate of their choice. Tonight, we will not be at a rally, but sitting near our computer and radio (since we don't have cable) to hear the returns. Josephine goes to bed at 8pm, so she will have to wait until morning, to hear who our next Governor and President will be.


Sunday, November 2, 2008



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