Sunday, December 14, 2008

3 Years!

It's been 3 years now, that Josephine has been able to visit Santa.

The first visit to Santa was on Christmas Eve 2006. If you are good at math, Josephine was less then 10 days old. This was one of our first official outings.
The second visit to Santa was before her birthday, in 2007. We went to the South Hill Mall in Puyallup for this one. Josephine was not exactly pleased to be on this guys lap, but we got a picture of them together without her crying. Josephine was barely 1 in this picture.
I am not the mom who tortures their kid at Christmas time to get the Santa picture, well I am, but I don't want to see Josephine crying. So we were prepared for the worst, and decided to get a family picture. Josephine was scared of Santa the minute he walked in. I have been talking him up for the last month, but Josephine wanted nothing to do with him.

In the end, Josephine said "Thank you" for her toy, and "bye-bye" as we walked away. So, it wasn't too traumatic for her.


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