Saturday, December 20, 2008

On Wednesday Dec 17th, we got our first snow fall of the season. It doesn't usually snow this much here, but it is cold enough that the snow kept coming and the snow has stuck around. We are on day 4 of snow, and more is expected. We are under a storm watch tonight and could get as much of a foot of snow tonight and freezing rain in the morning.

3 day old snowman. He has tipped a little, but so far he isn't going anywhere.
Our neighbors have been doing a good job at keeping their sidewalks clear. I think they are sharing a snow shovel between the three of them. Sadly, they don't really sell snow shovels here, so we are making due with a flat regular shovel.
Duke (Black Lab/Rot Mix) and Pippin (Shar Pei/Shepard Mix) are LOVING the snow. They get out to play in it every chance they can get.

Josephine will only go in the snow if she is in this sled. Doug takes every chance he can get and runs down the street with her.

Again, I need to thank Laura and Tori for the wonderful snow boots and coat. They are perfect for this weather, and I would have never thought of buying them myself this year because, well . . . . it doesn't get that cold here. I even went out and got myself a pair of boots yesterday, since I can definitely use them.


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