Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jim's Birthday!

We celebrated Jim C's birthday last night at their house. Doug and I cooked, and Josephine entertained. On the menu: Gyro's, and it was yummy.

Just in case you are interested. We did Lamb Souvlaki for the Gyro meat. I found this recipe over the summer and loved it.

Doug and I got this recipe from a cooking class we took at the Y. In order for the sauce to be right, you have to use Greek style yogurt. The only place I have found true Greek style yogurt is at Trader Joe's. Our nearest TJ's is in University Place (not close to our house at all!), but for Jim, we went there anyways just for the yogurt. I later learned, through the Internet, that you can strain regular yogurt in cheese cloth, to get the thicker texture of Greek style yogurt.

Tzatziki Sauce (Niko's)

This yogurt dip is great for breads, vegetables, and can kick up any appetizer. As a traditional Greek dish, this dip is usually eaten with fresh bread. The cultured yogurt, raw cucumber and garlic also aid as digestive components to a meal. The quality of yogurt used in this recipe determines the entire outcome of the tzatziki's texture and taste!

1c. Greek Yogurt
¼c. shredded cucumber
1tsp. extra virgin olive oil
Several mint leaves finely chopped
2 cloves garlic
1 pinch salt
1 pinch ground pepper

To make our Gyro's we used pita bread (NOT pockets), lettuce, chopped cucumber, chopped olive, chopped tomatoes, feta cheese (Trader Joe's), souvlaki meat, and topped it with Tsatziki sauce.


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