Friday, December 26, 2008

Josephine is 2!

Josephine's second birthday was on December 18th. This year we decided to have a small family gathering at Jim and Gerry's house in Puyallup. I made Josephine's cake again this year. I used different size muffin tins, and came up with this design.
Josephine enjoyed everyone singing to her and blew out her candles.
Josephine didn't want a hat this year, so we went with the headband crown.

Josephine got the big cupcake this year.
From Kelly, Josephine got a large package of play food for her kitchen.

Grandma and Grandpa Carbaugh gave Josephine her very own vacuum cleaner. Now, Josephine vacuums along side of me everyday.

Grandma Jody gave Josephine a the book, The Frog Wore Red Suspenders.
Great Grandma Sally and Frank sent Josephine a toy she already had. I was able to exchange it for this little set of cupcake play food.

We gave Josephine this book/sketch pad set. Josephine loves to write so, this little number is definitely keeping her busy.
Jerry and Karisa gave Josephine this cute little doll. Josephine loves it.
Josephine had to test out her vacuum cleaner, and did a very good job helping us clean up.


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