Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank You Penelope Coffey!

Today we headed out to the Dupont Public Library to pick up some books that were on hold. I got a Pierce County Library card last week, after finding out that I could get a non-resident card. I looked through their online catalog and decided they had a better selection of books then my Timberland Library system. I love my local library, but if I can utilize two systems, then I will!

We walked into the library and I noticed a sign that said 5 magazines for $1.00. How did they know I was wanting some magazines to read? I started looking and found mostly Time and People, but then saw Parenting. I picked it up, and kept looking, then I saw 4 issues of Town and Country. It was done, I picked up my 5 magazines, the $1 goes to "friends of the Dupont Libary". 4 of those magazines were donated by Penelope Coffey. Then I saw a Kiosk that said, "Books Plus, To Go." These are non researvable books and DVD's. I picked up Kung Fu Panda for Josephine. I decided I really needed to take a look around this little library and see what else I could find. The Family Movie section was huge (not Blockbuster huge, but bigger then any library I have been to in the last couple of years) and had current titles. I picked up Horton Hears A Who.

Are you counting yet. I have 5 magazines, 2 DVD's, random books Josephine keeps taking off the shelves, and I still have not picked up my books on hold. I did remember my reusable shopping bag and after I got everything in it, it was heavy.

I LOVE the library!


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